There’s been a lot of worldwide discussions regarding the more and more obvious need to change our educational systems. With all the fields of industry and science and other aspects of modern life changing rapidly, education isn’t catching up anymore with the modern progress and trends since it hasn’t adapted or changed for ages. The market is in shortage of educated manufacturers and many other skilled professionals, while our educational system keeps producing straightforward academics and students mostly focused onto theoretic knowledge.

Lord-Baker-studentsAlso, the foundation of current educational system is mostly based upon measuring scores at various tests, which turns schooling into competition for higher grades instead of program for gaining functional knowledge and applicable skills. The gap between the curriculum assigned to students during their classic education and the requirements imposed to them once they face their first job after schooling is huge and has to be addressed to.

Lord K. Baker, former education secretary, has been under the spotlight over the last few years due to his action plan and proposition regarding radical changes in educational system. He is also known as one of the founders of the group of UTC (university technical colleges) that provide significantly different educational approach. His primary idea is to distinct students with purely academic aspirations from students more focused onto practical skills, engineering and manufacturing and provide two different educational system for both of these types of students.

Lord-BakerLord Baker’s plan proposes opening dozens of so – called career colleges designed to educate pupils age 14 to 19 in various field, so their final educational knowledge and skills wound meet market criteria and future job requirements much better than academic education manages at this point. Addressed branches would include digital technology, robotics, catering, engineering, health care providing, industrial design and many more deficient branches.

Another part of his plan refers to different distribution of government’s funding for education and laws that would establish legislative aspects of these changes. Significant aspect refers to inclusion of career colleges into primary and secondary schools, in the form of occasional presentation, so the children would get the change to consider these colleges timely.