UTC colleges are government funded new type of colleges focused on educating students for various engineering fields highly required in regional industries. It is non-selective and students are free to sign in when 14 to 19 years old. UTC colleges provide excellent academic and technical education and qualifications to all students, so they can meet the requirements of leading industry employers. The education quality at these colleges meet the highest academic and technical criteria, thus engineering branches don’t have to worry about the upcoming generations of engineers, scientists and manufacturers.

The-Next-Generation-scientistsThe government funded this university to provide future employees in regional leading industries to enhance the economic growth and UTC’s reputation made it attractive academic choice among many young people considering their academic future. After the completion of education at this university, students are completely trained and equipped to start working in their chosen branch, but also have numerous further paths to choose if they prefer advances education and academic career. We have a close cooperation with industries focused on new tech such as m2m communication and advanced ai.

Curriculum is created by university experts and it consist of mandatory subject and additional subject students get to choose freely according to their personal skills, preferences and talents. Main subjects include physics, science, graphic and industry design, various manufacturing workshops, robotics, software engineering and many more. As the addition to regular scientifically and technically oriented curriculum, students are free to take various art classes.

expertsThe UTC colleges have sufficient stuff consisted of reputable experts in their fields and branches and teaching assistants and the mere facility hosts fully equipped classrooms, labs and premises for scientific research, manufacturing and diverse skills practicing. All the teachers are dedicated and available to students, the curriculum keeps up with the latest scientific and technical standards and students get plenty of practical work to develop their talents, skills and knowledge. In association with the regional leading industry employees, UTC colleges provide practical assignments and tours through the industry facilities for all interested students, so they can get familiar with their future jobs during the education years. This comes as priceless experience for skills development, as well as for making mature decisions regarding their future academic career.