Quality Education Ensures Quality Future
What We Offer
Student Leadership
The goal of UTC education is to provide program that suit to the students’ interests as well as to market requirements. To achieve this, we give loud voice to our students and all the rights to take leadership in organizing UTC education.
Physical activity comes as a rest for mentally active people. Therefor, UTC colleges organize various sport activities in between the classes and students are free to take part in the sport they prefer. Further tournaments and championships are available as well.
To make UTC life more attractive, we organize various attractive events during students’ spare time. This refers to various tournaments, workshops, educational trips and congresses, cultural events, parties and sport championships. All of these are optional and the price is included in the scholarship.
How to apply
Official website of UTCs provides detailed instructions regarding manner of applying to this college. Here, you will find the list of required documents, proofs of your previous education, tests to rank your skills and talents and the quote you have to meet in order to apply.
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